What Is the Difference Between a Bar and Pub

Bars and Pubs are the most usual places where people and friends drink, meet, hangout and fun. Though there are many individuals who think that these places are same, but actually they are different in many ways. Therefore, we came up with this post to help you find out the difference between bars and pubs.

About Bars

Bar Area

Drinks Served:

The term bar is derived from the term ‘Bartender’ where the bartender serves the drinks to the public. At bars, usually younger crowd is found to get drunk and have a good time as they offer oodles of different variety of alcohol such as beer, wine, gin, rum, cocktails and mocktails.

Food Served:


Pubs cater limited menus which include a few appetizers and food options. Therefore, many star hotels in small area provide bar facility on the ground floor either or near the lobby. Bars offer chairs up at the counter or high tables for customers along with various entertainment facilities such as dancers, live bands, Djs etc. to add in the youngsters.

Clientele and Types of Bars:

Visitors at the bar is usually aged between 18 or 21 depending on the country’s regulations. The bars also offer happy hour where they offer massive discounts on drinks to mostly attract the off-peak crowds. The ambience at bars is always loud, bright and bold. There are different types of bars which cater to different niche clientele including- bike bars, women’s bars, karaoke bars, cop bars, college bars, sports bars etc… If you talk about the patrons, Bars generally host at a lower age limit.

About Pubs

Drinks Served:

Pubs also offer wines, cider and beer in the mornings.

Food Served:

Filling meals, and often even appetizers, salads, soups and desserts.

Clientele Pub:

The term ‘Pub’ is derived from the public house. It’s a drinking establishment, fundamental to the culture of Australia, Britain, Ireland, New Zealand and Newfoundland. The clientele of pubs are mostly from the locals or regulars to just head on there to relax and rejuvenate their leisure after a tiring day. Besides, pubs also offer drinks such as wine and beer in the mornings.


Some of the common drinks, most pubs offer includes wines, beers, and soft drinks. One can find a different range of food in pubs for which it could also be called as a restaurant where family and friends come together to eat, drink and to have a good time.

Drink at Bodega Garage

They have the fun based activities to offer including pool, billiards, foosball with soothing music to entertain the customers. Like Bars, you can also find themed pubs as well, including, rock pubs, biker pubs, Irish pubs etc… Some old styled pubs also offer room for lodging purposes. Pubs are usually open to any kind of patrons. The verities of visitors are either brewery owned or private ownership or Freehouse.

So now when you know the difference between pubs and bars, you can easily find your choices as per your preference without any confusion.

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